Research Papers in English

Some of our research papers were translated into English and published by Pontis Foundation.

domestic funding of ngos in belarus: opportunities and prospects

The paper by Yegor Moroz analyses various sources for domestic fundraising that is available to Belarusian non-governmental organisations. The study looks into current opportunities embodied by charity by individuals, charitable donations by companies, sponsorship, enterprise activities, revenues from events, membership fees and volunteers and interns.

Alongside with NGOs’, governmental institutions,  President’s Administration, European Union’s institutions and initiatives, Western donors and other stakeholders and their role in the field of civil society initiatives are looked into as well. The paper lists a set of recommendations for general legal regulations and practices that could contribute to improvement of supporting the third sector.

The paper was published in the series of Belarus Public Policy Fund May 24 2010 and can be downloaded here as PDF.

current situation regarding domestic funding for belarusian ngos

This new report by Yegor Moroz and Halina Rusetskaja, within which 14 case studies are examined, is a part of the analysis “Domestic Funding of NGOs: Opportunities and Prospects“. The paper constitutes a summary of the main findings of the case studies, with a focus on the funding themes currently employed.

The study reveals good practices in domestic fundraising in the observed cases which proved a clear and continuous cooperation amongst corporate bodies and non-governmental organisations in Belarus. Part of the study focuses on survey amongst 40 medium and large company representatives coming from various business sectors. It showed, amongst other conclusions, that the outlook for future cross-sectoral partnerships and corporate sponsorship for the third sector in Belarus is optimistic.

The paper was published in the series of Belarus Public Policy Fund and can be downloaded here as PDF.

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